Malaysia taken off US Human Trafficking Blacklist


The US State Department is facing backlash from human rights advocates after removing Malaysia from its list of worst human trafficking offenders.  This is bizarre because earlier this year the State Department said that “the Government of Malaysia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.”  And it was just in May when another mass grave was discovered in Malaysia, along with human cages and evidence of human trafficking.  The rest of the world recognizes Malaysia as one of the worst offenders of sex slavery and forced labor.  So why is America suddenly changing its tune with the shit hole country?

There are those who claim that the Obama Administration is turning a blind eye to the mass graves and human cages because Malaysia happens to be a member of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP).  TPP is a “free trade” agreement which groups 12 countries, including United States and Malaysia.  It’s pretty much made up of Big Banking, Pharmaceutical companies, and the Tobacco Industry, whose main goal is to eliminate food safety standards, environmental protections, local labor laws and internet privacy so that they can make TONS OF FUCKIN MONEY.  Last month, Congress barred Malaysia from fast-tracked trade deals because of it’s place on the human trafficking blacklist.  Human Rights organizations are claiming Malaysia was removed from that list so they can now be open to the US market, which would make certain bankers, politicians and CEOs very rich…

I’m not buying it.  Obama wouldn’t dismiss concerns about sex slavery just to make money, would he?  I mean, we’ve already turned a blind eye to job offshoring, wage stagnation, unsafe food, environmental degradation, internet restrictions, inaccessible medicines, and financial instability, but the US isn’t that greedy.  It’s not like the President would lie to it’s own people.

Scott Walker Wants Your Piss


Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is making piss the centerpiece of his campaign.  As governor of Wisconsin, he just started making people take pee tests before they can get food stamps or unemployment benefits.  Conservatives love this idea, and so he now talks about it all the time.  And if he becomes President, he’s going to make everyone piss in a cup.

While it seems like a good way to keep some drug addicts from getting your hard-earned tax dollars to party with, drug testing the poor is not cost-effective.  In Florida, drug testing for welfare recipients cost tax payers $118,140, which is more than the state would’ve paid out in benefits to those who failed the screening.  On top of that, Florida has wasted an additional $400,000 in legal fees defending the law in court, only to see it struck down in federal court for violating people’s Constitutional rights.  Wisconsin is now currently being sued by the federal government.


When republicans talk about why our nation is in debt, all you hear from them is how the poor are getting food stamps.  But we spend way more on giving corporations welfare.  The US spends around $59 BILLION on social welfare programs.  $92 BILLION is spent on corporate subsidies.  And Scott Walker is definitely not making the Billionaires who receive welfare take a piss test.  He’s giving $250 MILLION of Wisconsin’s tax dollars to the Milwaukee Bucks (who’s owned by billionaires) so they can build a stadium.  If elected President, he’s going to give your tax dollars to more Billionaires.  He also said he’s going to start a war with Iran first day in office.  No, really.

You’ll never hear about corporate welfare from Republicans.  To find out why, you need to first understand the pimp mentality…  Say you’re a corporation (Pimp).  In order to get fly, you need to find a bitch to turn out (Republican candidate).  Once you identified the bitch, you gotta get their mind right.  Get them making you money and trying to find new bitches for you (The public).  Now you need to keep your stable of hoes in check at all points and stay on top of your game.  You see, the love of a pimp is very much different from that of a square…

Donald Trump on Veterans: ‘I like people who weren’t captured’

Donald_Trump_POWSpeaking at the Family Leadership Summit on Saturday, Donald Trump attacked John McCain’s service in Vietnam by pointing out the fact he had been captured.  McCain was tortured for five and a half years during his imprisonment at a notorious North Vietnamese prison.  Trump told the audience,

“He’s not a war hero… He was a war hero because he was captured… I like people who weren’t captured…”

Donald Trump, the son of a wealthy real estate developer, was able to avoid going to Vietnam by receiving four student deferments between 1964 and 1968, and an additional medical deferment after graduating…


Donald Trump’s sons also never had to go to war.  While men their age were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were busy going to Africa so they could kill endangered species for fun…


That’s the thing about being rich in America.  You can avoid having to go to war, and then talk shit on American POWs.  And then you can surge to the top of Republican presidential primary polls, like Trump has…  Just as long as you’re talking shit on Mexicans.

Jeb Bush: ‘People need to work longer hours’



GOP Presidential contender Jeb Bush said in an interview on Wednesday that Americans need to be working more hours.  He talked about tax reform and what Americans can expect under yet another Bush Administration…

“My aspiration for the country, and I believe we can achieve it, is 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see… It means that people need to work longer hours.”

He also wants to get rid of minimum wage and ‘leave it to the private sector’ to pay people fair wages…

Now, let me fuck your mind with some truth: Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world.  We also take less vacations and retire later than the rest of the world.  As an American, not only will your health insurance go up the older you get, but the music gets shittier too.  This over privileged yuppie dick bag wants us to work more hours for less money.  And guess what?  Millions of Americans will vote for him anyways.  Why, you ask?  BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING STUPID!