Where Are They Now? 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, A Look Back At How 5 Key Players Fucked Up


10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast, becoming the deadliest natural disaster to ever hit the US, killing 1,833 people across five states.  It was also the most expensive disaster, costing tax payers $108 BILLION in damages.  Usually, a category 3 hurricane wouldn’t be so devastating, but with Katrina there was one fuck up after another.  Let’s look back at 5 key players and how see how they responded…

George W. Bush


The hurricane came on Monday, while Bush was on vacation in Texas.  He stayed on vacation till Wednesday afternoon, only to leave after the country asked what the hell the President was doing in response to the disaster.  He originally claimed that he had no idea the inadequate levee system would break.  Although this was proven to be bullshit after a video leaked showing a top-level briefing before the storm where he was told just that.  Nearly 20,000 people were crammed into the Superdome where they were subjected to rape, murder and chaos.  Bush’s mother, Barbra Bush, claimed that they were “better off” there because the (mostly poor and black) evacuees were “underprivileged anyway.”

Dick Cheney


In the chaos that followed Katrina, Vice President Dick Cheney wasted no time bringing relief… to an oil pipeline.  He personally ordered power crews, who were in the process of restoring power to two local hospitals, to stop doing that and work on electrical substations that were essential to the Colonial Pipeline.  That pipeline carries gasoline and diesel fuel from Texas to the Northeast.  It took 6 days for those hospitals to get power restored.  He also transferred crews to the pipeline who were trying to restore power to rural water systems in areas hit.  It’s all about priorities.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin


Worried about Hotels losing money, Mayor Nagin refused to order a “mandatory” evacuation of New Orleans, and instead ordered a “volentary” evacuation.  He told people if they didn’t evacuate that, “We will take care of you.”  LOL.  It was also his idea to put people in the Superdome, which was never designed nor tested to be an emergency shelter.  This would explain why part of the roof peeled off and rain pissed down on everyone.  In the aftermath of Katrina, he got so caught up in money laundering, filing false tax returns, bribery, wire fraud, etc., that he now lives in a prison in Texas.

FEMA director Michael Brown


George W. Bush made his buddy Michael Brown director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), even though the guy had no idea how to do the job.  Immediately after Katrina hit, his emails show that he was looking for a dog sitter, talking about going shopping, and showing concern about his clothing during interviews.  As the hurricane raged on, he asked a FEMA public affairs official, “Can I quit now?  Can I go home?”  And he told CNN that he did not know about victims being stranded at the New Orleans Convention Center- even though it was being reported about for days.

He was later shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri.

Sean Penn

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.11.55 PM

Actor Sean Penn showed up way too late to help out.  Even worse, he came in a tiny little boat with an entourage that included a personal photographer to capture him being a hero.  And since he forgot to plug the bottom of his boat, it began filling up with water as soon as he launched.  Photographs showed Penn frantically bailing water out of the vessel with a red plastic cup before getting the fuck out of there.  Oh well, it was the thought that counts.


Ted Cruz Unveils Plan to Defeat ISIS at Republican Debate

TedCruzIslamicTerroristsDuring the first Republican Debate for the 2016 Presidential Primary Election, moderator Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz a specific question.  Bringing up a quote he said last year about taking out ISIS in “90 days”, Kelly asked him,

“How would you destroy ISIS in 90 days?”

Ted Cruz responded by saying,

“We will not defeat radical Islamic terrorism so long as we have a President unwilling to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.  What we need is a Commander-in-Chief who makes clear: If you join ISIS, if you wage jihad on America, then you are signing your death warrant.”

That was it.  That’s his 90 day plan.  Telling a bunch of suicide bombers they’re ‘radical islamic terrorists’ that are signing a death warrant.  He could’ve said, “As Commander-In-Chief, I will send 350,000 troops into the areas ISIS control and relentlessly beat the shit out of them.  And if it takes too long, I’ll nuke Mosel, and any other shit hole town they have under their control.  And then I’ll make any survivors convert to Christianity, or they can be thrown into an oven that’s heated from pages of the Koran.”  That would’ve been a specific answer.  But his plan is to literally just to call them names.  What a pussy.

Malaysia taken off US Human Trafficking Blacklist


The US State Department is facing backlash from human rights advocates after removing Malaysia from its list of worst human trafficking offenders.  This is bizarre because earlier this year the State Department said that “the Government of Malaysia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.”  And it was just in May when another mass grave was discovered in Malaysia, along with human cages and evidence of human trafficking.  The rest of the world recognizes Malaysia as one of the worst offenders of sex slavery and forced labor.  So why is America suddenly changing its tune with the shit hole country?

There are those who claim that the Obama Administration is turning a blind eye to the mass graves and human cages because Malaysia happens to be a member of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP).  TPP is a “free trade” agreement which groups 12 countries, including United States and Malaysia.  It’s pretty much made up of Big Banking, Pharmaceutical companies, and the Tobacco Industry, whose main goal is to eliminate food safety standards, environmental protections, local labor laws and internet privacy so that they can make TONS OF FUCKIN MONEY.  Last month, Congress barred Malaysia from fast-tracked trade deals because of it’s place on the human trafficking blacklist.  Human Rights organizations are claiming Malaysia was removed from that list so they can now be open to the US market, which would make certain bankers, politicians and CEOs very rich…

I’m not buying it.  Obama wouldn’t dismiss concerns about sex slavery just to make money, would he?  I mean, we’ve already turned a blind eye to job offshoring, wage stagnation, unsafe food, environmental degradation, internet restrictions, inaccessible medicines, and financial instability, but the US isn’t that greedy.  It’s not like the President would lie to it’s own people.

Scott Walker Wants Your Piss


Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is making piss the centerpiece of his campaign.  As governor of Wisconsin, he just started making people take pee tests before they can get food stamps or unemployment benefits.  Conservatives love this idea, and so he now talks about it all the time.  And if he becomes President, he’s going to make everyone piss in a cup.

While it seems like a good way to keep some drug addicts from getting your hard-earned tax dollars to party with, drug testing the poor is not cost-effective.  In Florida, drug testing for welfare recipients cost tax payers $118,140, which is more than the state would’ve paid out in benefits to those who failed the screening.  On top of that, Florida has wasted an additional $400,000 in legal fees defending the law in court, only to see it struck down in federal court for violating people’s Constitutional rights.  Wisconsin is now currently being sued by the federal government.


When republicans talk about why our nation is in debt, all you hear from them is how the poor are getting food stamps.  But we spend way more on giving corporations welfare.  The US spends around $59 BILLION on social welfare programs.  $92 BILLION is spent on corporate subsidies.  And Scott Walker is definitely not making the Billionaires who receive welfare take a piss test.  He’s giving $250 MILLION of Wisconsin’s tax dollars to the Milwaukee Bucks (who’s owned by billionaires) so they can build a stadium.  If elected President, he’s going to give your tax dollars to more Billionaires.  He also said he’s going to start a war with Iran first day in office.  No, really.

You’ll never hear about corporate welfare from Republicans.  To find out why, you need to first understand the pimp mentality…  Say you’re a corporation (Pimp).  In order to get fly, you need to find a bitch to turn out (Republican candidate).  Once you identified the bitch, you gotta get their mind right.  Get them making you money and trying to find new bitches for you (The public).  Now you need to keep your stable of hoes in check at all points and stay on top of your game.  You see, the love of a pimp is very much different from that of a square…