Terrorist “Rapper” lands on FBI’s Most Wanted List

An American wannabe rapper lands on FBI’s Most Wanted list after joining Jihad in Somolia.  Omar Hammami, 28, grew up in Daphne, Alabama.  He was raised with privilege in the suburbs and played in his high school’s soccer team.  He also studied at Southern Alabama University, but dropped out and moved to the Middle East to join Al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda affiliate.  He calls himself a hip hop ‘artist’, a term I struggle to type while trying to keep a straight face.  His songs make Vanilla Ice look like DMX.

The United States is going to use a drone to annihilate him, but I have a better idea: We should sick some real gangsta rappers from Compton on him.  Apparently, they’d love nothing better than to whoop his ass because he’s a fake ass gangsta, and that mutha fucka ain’t from the streets.



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